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Throw Harder Now!

The Season is Approaching Fast

Free Video Assessment - Find out what is holding you back 

Gain 3-5 mph or more! Experience the transformation as you shift from merely touching your PR to consistently sitting at it, all while refining your command.

Our program is customized to each individual player, offering a customized solution to unlock your velocity.

Start Here

Step 1:

  • Fill-out an Intake Form

  • Schedule your One-On-One Consultation to discuss your goals 

Step 2:​

  • Send us Video

  • Meet with your Trainer to review assessment (FaceTime/Google Meets)

  • Receive your 30-day Throwing, Strength , and Mobility Plan 

Step 3:​

  • Work your plan

  • Video Call with your Trainer to monitor progress

  • Make needed adjustments to your 30-day Throwing, Strength , and Mobility Plan 

Facetime Session

Our online training program offers you a comprehensive plan for throwing and lifting, dietary advice, and unlimited phone and text assistance to guide you in achieving your objectives.

The PDP Difference

Throw Harder

Every Player that follows their plan has thrown harder. We have seen increases of 11mph in 4 months

Better Mobility

The challenge often isn't just strength; many players struggle with proper movement. We guide you to move more effectively and efficiently!

Individualized Plan

We refuse to use a cookie-cutter approach to development.  Every player is different and so should be your plan

Healthier Arm

Learn how to develop and maintain your arm health in and out of season

Get Stronger

Without strength, you can't throw with power. We'll create a strategy to enhance your strength in the necessary areas.

No Long Term Contract

We HATE long term contracts! We believe in what we can do for you enough that you WANT to come back

Remote Training
No Commitment Required!

  • Throwing, Strength and Mobility Assessment

  • Custom Throwing and Lifting Program

  • 2 Monthly One-On-One Video Sessions

  • Armored Heat Account

  • Unlimited Text and Phone Support 

BOOK Consultation NOW! Space is Limited

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